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What Do Women Want in a Man?

What Do Women Want in a Man? - Wantmatures Blog

It drains to be bumped by frustrations and headaches in deeply engaging your dream woman on an emotional level. Being conscious of the following factors that women will always be attracted to will save you time, money, and unnecessary frustrations.


Women on WantMatures are h3ly attracted to guys who know what they want in life and are pursuing it. It rekindles them within to be around that kind of energy. If you have life goals and actively going after them with single-focus energy that achieves results, that passion is more like a magnet to most women.


To connect deeply with a woman on an emotional level, you have to feel deeply understood by her. Your presence here relates to prioritizing distraction-free conversations, listening ardently to her, and giving passionate eye contact during such moments. Give her your full attention when you’re together, and she will feel deeply seen and appreciated.

Sense of Humor

It is the most important non-physical trait that women get attracted to. The lightness and playfulness that you bring with a little sense of humor go far in easing the ever-serious life. Girls just enjoy the fun!


Women find it less attractive if they can predict your every word, move, or sexual escalation. Inject some spontaneity into your life, and you’ll be surprised you’re more of a magnet to them. Spontaneity, whether it takes the form of going out for a unique date or surprising her with gifts, brings back some passion in your interactions with your partner.

Ability to Lead

The ability to lead is when a man puts you on a higher social value. Leadership here doesn’t relate to being a power-hungry jackass! Instead of throwing your weight around at work, be the loving and patient inspiration kind of a man. Lead with social intelligence and kindness that people find easy to align with.

Emotional Vulnerability

In order to develop an attached intimacy, let that woman see you emotionally. Sharing what matters to you and how you’re emotionally attached to them would reward her with the great judgment of your reactions. You’re human, and you have your list of things that you hold dear. Just let her understand it.

What a Mature Man Wants in a Relationship

A mature man has a high level of self-awareness as he has undergone lots of real-life experiences and come out as living proof. To leap ahead in dating a mature man on WantMatures.com, here’s how to see through their eyes.

Open Communication

As people grow older, being straightforward and honest about feelings becomes more pronounced. A mature man understands that holding back his feelings, points of view, and his perspective about a concern doesn’t yield a good outcome in the long run. As a woman, you have to approach the relationship with more honesty and transparency to win his heart.

Safe with You

There is a child in every man irrespective of his h3 and bold nature. If you never thought of it, he also feels good to be cuddled, held closely, and feels wildly vulnerable to you without being afraid. It strengthens his emotional connection with you. A woman who understands his needs and feels his emotional desires is a haven for him. It enables him to open up to you.


If there’s one huge area that rates high in any man’s world, it’s respect. All the things you know about your man that no one else knows should send you to hold him in high esteem. Men regard respect in several ways. He wants to be honored and revered, to be given special treatment, have his emotions and desires highly regarded, and feel his leadership role in the relationship highly valued. Disrespecting him may just send the message that you look down upon him.

Better Sex

Whoever told you that mature men don’t crave for better sex lied in broad daylight. They, too, still want to have a better sexual experience with you. If you know how to excite them respectfully under the sheets, they’d hold you intimately.

Shared Personal Growth

When you’re dating someone of your age, it sometimes feels a little bit competitive trying to outdo one another regarding achievements. A mature man is already established and needs you to be successful too. As much as every man wants to be the provider, he still needs some support and financial independence. He doesn’t have to contribute everything financially in your relationship.

Tips for Dating a Mature Woman After 50

Dating a mature woman over 50 can be tricky, but few certainties come with it. Women over 50 are more secure, know their comfort zone, and generally content with most areas of their lives. One of the major advantages of dating a woman over 50 is that she’d be more of a good friend who you can have a great time with lots of self-sufficiency.

What Does a Mature Woman Over 50 Want in a Relationship?

To be a good partner of a 50-year-old woman, it rewards learning what she values most in relationships at this age.

Honesty – A mature woman has learned from her past relationships and knows what she wants. She won’t make time for someone she can’t trust. You must thus portray complete willingness to share how you feel without holding back.

Fun – At 50, most women have the luxury to pursue adventures they admired but never had time to explore. She might even discover a new interest and willing to share it with you. You could be the right choice if you can keep the relationship’s excitement when you flirt and plan unique dates.

Passion, Romance, and Sex – Focus on simple things and actions that drive her off the feet. Commit to romance and passion the way you commit to healthy sex life. Most women over 50 are at peace with their bodies and know how to ask for the kind of sex they want.

Independence – A woman at 50 has built her own life, and she’s not looking to replace that with a partner. She’ll expect you to maintain your hobbies and pursue interests that favor your financial independence.