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Loving someone far away doesn’t have to be forever

Loving someone far away - Wantmatures Blog

It may not seem like it, yet being separated can do wonders for a couple. Clinging onto the positives about your current situation could be the key to sustaining both sanity and happiness during this stressful time. Distance doesn’t have to mean end it. It can revitalize a stale relationship, prolong a honeymoon period.

Building anticipation of seeing each other can be really rewarding, both emotionally and sexually. Society teaches us to grab what we want when we want it, yet patience is rewarded, and waiting can be a good thing. In terms of loving someone far away, this is certainly the case.

Distance makes love stronger quotes can be true for you

Your absence has not taught me how to be alone, it merely has shown that when together we cast a single shadow on the wall

– Doug Fetherling

Long-distance relationships won’t be for everyone; cute LDR quotes barely cover a single percent of how complex they are. Still, communication is an important aspect of keeping the passion alive, so if you can muster the courage and get out of your comfort zone, you won’t regret it. Thanks to COVID-19, many people are now a whizz on a video-call. If the pandemic has any positives, enhanced “Zoom” meeting skills are one of them. We are not recommending you do a quiz while you’re apart. No, we are referring to some webcam watching fun. As eluded to earlier, some spouses and couples won’t be comfortable with this in their marriage. If they are dating, as with everything, there are levels. However lonely you are thinking before you start writing romantic distance quotes. If you are apprehensive about some remote explicitness with your partner, take baby steps and do whatever you feel OK with. It is meant to be a private bit of fun with your loved one. The only choice is where to draw the line. For some, that will stop at dirty talk. Others are mimicking a scene suitable for an Only Fans profile from their own living room or hotel room. If this isn’t something you are interested in and would prefer to wait for the real thing, that is absolutely fine. However, if you cannot wait to meet and seek an avenue to channel your suppressed sexual energy. There are several ways to do this online with your partner while you are in different locations – on a webcam and online, or take a picture/record a video to capture the moment and surprise your partner;

  • Perform striptease for woman
  • Dress in a naughty outfit for a man
  • Play strip poker online with each other
  • Flash each other your private areas
  • Simulate what you just described
  • Imagine each other in detail. Separately or simultaneously, then share your images

Best love quotes for distance relationship prove commitment

For men and women who don’t know how long distance relationship phrases and works, separation and being apart from the one you love can be even trickier. They do not have the assurance of years together to rely on. They have not necessarily built up enough rapport or trust to be comfortable with the time apart. It can be a confusing time for sure. No doubt you will be concerned. A good start and have been getting along (maybe after meeting on a site like Wantmatures!) is amazing long distance relationship motivation. Yes, Doubts will linger, and the apprehension could potentially spoil things. Just when you were really happy. It is difficult not to think like this. Especially when you are missing someone and are struggling for long-distance relationship motivation. However, if you can put a positive spin on things, then you will overcome this anxiety. If you are both mature about the situation. If you maintain honesty throughout, then normal service will eventually resume with a bit of mutual patience. If you were both members of a dating site before, you are aware of everything about frustrations of single life. If you don’t want to head back that way, then communicate openly, at least exchange some cute long distance quotes . Regularly talk about how you feel. Don’t hide anything. It may stop short-term pain but will come back and bite you later on. If you are not happy. If something isn’t working for you, then say. Nobody benefits from keeping things from each other. Feel you clicked immediately and been forced apart? It can be difficult to deal with emotionally. Your friends and family can help with the emotional side by listening and trying to take your mind off things when you are upset. The physical needs we have can be boring to satisfy alone all the time. Whether you are young, senior, divorced, or just a flirt. Eventually, our inner desires get the better of us, and we need some assistance countering them. Long-distance relationships certainly don’t help on that front!

Alternative thoughts on long-distance relationships

During the honeymoon phase. If you cannot keep your hands off each other, this could be a really challenging time for you. A married couple with many true love quotes may take it in their stride. Perhaps the most interesting perspective to take from a physical point of view would be a couple who are dating and have not slept together yet. From this angle, let us imagine you met on a reputable site such as Wantmatures. You have been on a few dates, built up a good rapport. You may have flirted. Maybe shared a kiss. Even a passionate one. The sexual tension between the two of you is unbearable, and you couldn’t fancy your date anymore.

The stage is set. You haven’t spoken about it or addressed it directly, but the first time is coming. Then BANG! You are sent away from work for a month. Leaving tonight! What do you do? You can feel sorry for yourself and wallow in self-pity until you come back. Or you can choose to be positive and make the most of it rather than sobbing amongst romantic distance love quotes. Select the alternative way of thinking and ignore the initial frustration that is eating you up inside, imagining how lusting for one another by the time you meet again. Holding onto that thought can build desire. Offer hope in a sad situation and create a mutual goal to strive toward in this circumstance. By prolonging the anticipation of your first physical encounter, you create a spark that is difficult to replicate. Romantic distance love quotes between you can lead to something special if you embrace. Don’t dread it. Other opportunities will present themselves to fill your newfound spare time with. Catch up with friends. See family or run errands you have been meaning to do but never get round to. Go shopping, get something nice for your partner’s return. Don’t waste time available. Cherish it. Make the most of the space you have, thanks to your far away relationship, and quotes say, “Love is all you need”.