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Ways to Improve When Feeling Nervous about Your First Date

Ways to Improve When Feeling Nervous about Your First Date - Wantmatures Blog

No matter how confident you are, the first date can always make you feel nervous. It's often hard to beat the nerves when you're super attracted to someone and going to meet them for the very first time. A little anxiety is good because it shows that you're serious about meeting and impressing that person, but too much of it can hurt you big time. Not knowing how to avoid the anxiety and keeping those pre-date butterflies from turning into Mothra could make you vulnerable to making first-date mistakes.

Tips to Help You Deal with the First Date Nerves

First date anxiety is very real and can be unnerving unless you do something about it beforehand. Making a plan would help immensely to feel confident and get through the first date successfully. Remember, how you present yourself and handle things on the first date will determine if you make it to the second or not.

  1. Learn What Makes You Nervous:
  2. Realizing why the mere thought of meeting someone for the first time is freaking you out will help you handle it better. Are you just feeling the pressure because you're meeting someone for the very first time, and there's a possibility that you might end being with that person for the rest of your life? If that's the case, some relaxation exercises might help you focus on something else and make it easier to control your emotions.

  3. Plan Your Date in Advance:
  4. Sometimes, you can mitigate anxiety simply by guiding your date's plans. Work with your partner and decide on the dating venue first. Pick a place where you feel safe and comfortable, and it will again make you feel more at home when eventually meeting that special someone. The great idea is to meet your partner in public and pick a restaurant or lounge that you're already familiar with, which matches your personality type. Not knowing much about the venue would cause uncertainty, which is anxiety-provoking and keep you from focusing on the connection itself. One way to learn how to calm nerves before a date is to arrive early and get yourself acclimated, as the venue is usually half the battle.

  5. Consider Sweating a Little:
  6. If you're a fitness enthusiast, hitting the gym before a date would go a long way towards relieving the first date nerves. A nice workout would help you release endorphins, which in turn will work wonders in turning jitters into confidence. You can do it a day before, but doing it a few hours before your date will make it much more effective by sweating out the fear. A good workout session will make you feel powerful yet relaxed, which is exactly how you should be on your very first date. Don't forget to take a nice shower before you meet the person, though.

  7. Try Things to Keep Your Mind Occupied:
  8. By staying busy before your meeting, you'll help keep your mind from going to dark places and give you the first date jitters. Hitting the gym is surely a great way, but you could watch a movie, read a book, or talk to a friend to stop thinking about the meeting. Just understand it's not a great idea to engage in any strenuous activities that leave you exhausted.

  9. Try Some Wine:
  10. Popping that cork would make you feel better when you're in any doubt about meeting a new person. Just don't go overboard with the idea and limit yourself to only one glass of wine. If it all goes well, you're likely to drink more on the date night itself.

  11. Listen to Your Favorite Songs:
  12. It's even better to play some hype music even if that's not what you usually like. Listening to some good pump-up jam may work wonders to get you in the right zone. You can work on your playlist, though, and pick songs that you know make you feel confident, energized, and even empowered.

  13. Practice Deep Breathing:
  14. It may be an old-fashioned way to mitigate anxiety, but it's also a time-tested way of dealing with those jitters. You can try deep breathing not just before your date but during your meeting to feel more confident. Simply breathe in through your nose slowly and then breathe out through your mouth. Repeat a few times, and you'll feel your anxiety drain away quickly. You may also want to practice mindfulness to picture the whole situation and make it flow exactly how you want. Try it, and you'll notice immediate effects on your mood.

Be Sure to Pick a Good Site to Prevent the First Date Nerves

A great way to feel much more confident when meeting someone in person is to know more about them beforehand. And in today's world, you can do it by looking for a partner through online dating sites and apps. WantMatures, for instance, is one great option to consider because it lets you connect through instant messengers and has its chat rooms to engage with other people.

Many people are still nervous about online dating, but there's no need to feel that way if you could manage to find a reliable and authentic site with a large database of singles. As you can instantly send and receive messages, you can ask questions without hesitation and plan your entire date with your partner. You can pick a good spot and be honest about what makes you feel anxious. This way, you both can set the right expectations and make your date night much more comfortable and memorable.